Cardano ADA support on Trezor hardware wallet

Cardano ADA support on Trezor hardware wallet

On 23rd October, the science technology and engineering firm headed by Charles Hoskinson, Input-Output made a Twitter announcement where the company wrote that the Trezor hardware wallet will be supporting the ADA token. The support was stated to be commenced sometime late in October."Cardano ADA support on Trezor hardware wallet"
The original Tweet posted by IOHK read:

“Cardano $ADA support on @Trezor hardware wallet coming late October “

IOHK also posted the list of all the tokens that have gained the support of the Trezor hardware wallet. Some of the big coins listed on the chart were Monero XMR, Stellar XLM, Ripple XRP, Zencash ZEN, Zcash ZEC.

Trezor hardware wallet is not alone in adding support to the 9th largest cryptocurrency in the world. Of late, the ADA token has seen much adoption by several exchanges.

Recently, the IOHK Chief Charles Hoskinson also spoke about the ecosystem, stating its future plans to develop Cardano further. Here, Hoskinson stated that the team is going to start making and posting videos on several sub-projects under the Cardano protocol, such as its Shelley phase.

Furthermore, the Cardano ecosystem is known for crossing its deadlines in the launch of upgrades and suchlike. Here, Hoskinson acknowledged that the team has paced up significantly wherein the Cardano version 1.4 might even see an earlier victory in terms of QA testing than scheduled. Meanwhile, he mentioned that the 1.3 upgrade is on its way and to be released soon.

A Twitter handle named CRYPTO Power to the people‏, who is an apparent follower of the blockchain and cryptocurrency space on the ADA-Trezor news commented:

“Do you have any deadline on support for other hardware wallets?”

Another query by Said Rahmi, a crypto-enthusiast was also put forth under the comments where the user wrote:

“Will it be interfaced with Daedalus?”

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