Whenever a hard fork occurs, the new chain is an exact duplicate copy of the original chain up to a certain block.  So for Bitcoin Gold, all of the blocks up to 491,407 within the chain are exactly the same as Bitcoin.  That means all of your Bitcoin stored within the original chain are duplicated within the new chain."HOW TO GET FREE BITCOIN GOLD"

So that means if you had 3 Bitcoin prior to the hard fork, you will have 3 Bitcoin and 3 Bitcoin Gold after the hardfork!  You will gain 3 Free Bitcoin Gold!

With the last hard fork Bitcoin Cash, almost all the major exchanges supported the hard fork to begin with.  Therefore one simply needed to have Bitcoin held with a supported exchange and they took care of the work.  Users work up one day and saw a new wallet with equal amounts of Bitcoin Cash.


With Bitcoin Gold however, there is little support from the major exchanges.  But not to worry, it is very simple to get free Bitcoin Gold.  All you have to do is make sure you have all of your Bitcoins in a wallet where you control the private key.  Then after the hard fork, you simply export out your private key and import it into a Bitcoin Gold wallet.

There is no time expiration for this, you can do it a month from now, six months from now or six years later.  You will always have access to your free Bitcoin Gold as long as your Bitcoin stored in a wallet which allows you to export out your private keys before the hard fork happens.'HOW TO GET FREE BITCOIN GOLD'

So which wallets support exporting of your private key?

Two of the wallets I recommend within the Bitcoin Wallet page does.  The Ledger Nano S and the Exodus desktop wallet.

Ledger already came out and said to simply hold your Bitcoin within your Ledger Nano S wallet.  They will take care of the rest.

Exodus has said that they are not working on integrating Bitcoin Gold at this time however they instruct you on how to export out your private keys.  Read the statement and instructions here.

If you want to get free Bitcoin Gold, do not store your Bitcoins in Coinbase or any other exchanges that have not come out and said they will support it.  Since the exchanges control your private key, you do not have the ability to claim Bitcoin Gold if they ultimately decide not to support Bitcoin Gold.


It is too early to tell if Bitcoin Gold is going to be a success.  Ultimately it can just become another altcoin in the sea of cryptocurrencies.  Only time will tell if it rises to the top or if it simply falls out of existence.  The good thing is, no matter what happens you are entitled to get free Bitcoin Gold simply by having Bitcoin in the right wall before the hard fork.

If you are looking to buy Bitcoin before the hard fork, check out the How to Buy Bitcoin.  Even if you miss out on Bitcoin Gold, there is another hard fork coming up shortly in November when Segwit2x Bitcoin hard forks off into a new chain.

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