Why Bitcoin Gold (BTG) is catching the investors’ eye

Why Bitcoin Gold (BTG) is catching the investors’ eye
The cryptocurrency market is somehow becoming crowded with hundreds of coins and tokens being launched and listed every month. Coinmarket.com has listed over 1,500 digital assets and the number keeps on increasing with every passing day. It is essential for the investor to pick the cryptocurrency that will bring the best returns, besides it should have a planned future and a vision. In addition to that digital assets need to have a utility which guarantees long-term usability and growth potential."Why Bitcoin Gold (BTG) is catching the investors’ eye"

Bitcoin Gold has been catching the attention of investors lately with its steady performance. Bitcoin Gold market capitalization is also on the rise and is now ranked the 23rd cryptocurrency by market capitalization.

Why Bitcoin Gold (BTG) is catching the investors’ eye

Consequently, the daily performance of Bitcoin Gold (BTG) price has been pointing towards a cryptocurrency that has a clear path of growth and perhaps deserves a keen look to determine its growth potential especially in the remaining part of 2018.

Bitcoin Gold focuses on mining and making it accessible to investors. The digital asset is one of the easiest coins to mine in the crypto market. The developers have made it so simple that any person with a CPU or GPU can carry out mining. Essentially, mining is the greatest selling point for BTG. Besides, the process is decentralized using the P2Pool.'Why Bitcoin Gold (BTG) is catching the investors’ eye'

In addition to mining, Bitcoin Gold roadmap is set to spur more growth in the next years. The 2018-2019 roadmap is a clear indication that the crypto has a bright future and could achieve its all-time high of over $400 recorded in December 2017. Bitcoin Gold is aiming at increasing academic university collaboration and this took off in the first quarter of 2018 along with developing the open source libraries integration for BitcoinJS, BitcoinJ as well as CoPay. Similarly, the network has been rebranding and designing its website.

In the second quarter, Bitcoin Gold (BTG) is committed to the development and the launching of Payments systems integrations that will be powered by a debit card program to make it easy for the users to spend their funds. The BTGPay is set to connect merchants, services in addition to integrating build solutions which will then be made accessible to the consumers. Still, in the second quarter, the lightning network integration will be completed which should improve the decentralized mining mentioned above; P2Pool. More developments have been listed for later this year and the next year including the launching a scholarship program for research-based education.

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