Is BTG a worthy investment?

Is BTG a worthy investment?
Well, the short answer to this question would be that it is. But that is a tricky terrain, going by the unpredictable volatility of cryptocurrencies. Nevertheless, considering it forked successfully from Bitcoin (BTC), I’d safely say that if you have some money to spare, try it out.

Like the illustrious Bitcoin, BTG will have 21million coins only. It, therefore, means the value of Bitcoin Gold is only likely to go higher once the Max supply is reached.

That’s long term. In the short term, Bitcoin Gold will find it difficult to compete with the established cryptocurrencies. It will gain value, but it won’t blow off the roof. A good strategy would be to buy and hold; the potential is always there for a crypto to go a wild ride.

Is BTG a worthy investment?

How to get Bitcoin Gold?

You can do mining, which is not very expensive bearing in mind it uses GPUs. Solo mining won’t be that profitable, given the mining difficulty. So, I advise you join one of the mining pools allowed on the BTG network. The block reward for a successful mine is 12.5 BTG per block.

Alternatively, you can buy BTG from any of the exchanges that provide for buying and selling. This is an easier option because all you need is to have some cash.

Go to one of the exchanges (Bitfinex is my favorite) and get an account.
Get a wallet (you can start with BTGWallet online).
Buy BTG and store in your wallet.

Bitcoin Gold Market Cap and Price

Bitcoin Gold has a market cap of $1975113176 (Friday, 9th Feb, 2018.). The total circulating supply is at 16,913,924 BTG and is trading at the price of $130 (Friday, February 9, 2018).

BTG had an ATH price of $524 on the first day of trading. However, its price took a dive to fall to a low of $74 by February 6, 2018. It picked up again to close the day at $100 on February 8.

Bitcoin Gold, which is mineable as we have seen, now ranks 14 on out of the 1514 cryptocurrencies. The price is now up 50% to $153.41.

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